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Nitrogen as a Fertilizer, Nutrient, or Pollutant Essay -- Nitrogen Bio

Nitrogen as a Fertilizer, Nutrient, or Pollutant Nitrogen can generally be a compost, supplement, or poison contingent upon the conditions and nature it is in. As a manure, nitrogen can be incredibly helpful in supporting the development of numerous plants. As a supplement, nitrogen is basic to numerous plants development and endurance. As a poison, nitrogen can not just influence the plant at the given time yet be extremely hindering numerous years not far off. Regardless of where you go nitrogen will consistently be either a compost, supplement, or poison. Nitrogen can be considered as both a compost and supplement under the correct requirements. I will utilize citrus plants as one of my models. For citrus producers applying nitrogen to plants is a typical and required practice. â€Å"Spring is the best an ideal opportunity to apply nitrogen to citrus. Examination has demonstrated that the interest for nitrogen in citrus is most noteworthy from sprout through June and the vast majority of the supplemental nitrogen manure ought to be applied during this time period.† It is a significant key to plant development and advancement. Nitrogen is vital to citrus plants for ideal development and yield. Without nitrogen you can see languishing results over numerous years not far off. Citrus reacts promptly to nitrogen nourishment. Ebb and flow and past examination shows that if nitrogen is kept up in fall-inspected citrus leaves somewhere in the range of 2.4 and 2.6 % on a dry-weight reason for oranges, and somewhere in the range of 2.2 and 2.4 % for lemons, a decent equalization is struck between yield, size and organic product quality. The proof connecting nitrogen to puff, wrinkle, littler natural product size and recoloring exists, however these negative impacts are generally noteworthy at nitrogen levels more prominent than 2.6 % nitrogen. A few producers have diminished nitrogen applicati... ...le hurting manifests to 8 years after the fact. Nitrogen is a significant component, regardless of whether it is in water or some other structure, however whichever way it can without much of a stretch be a horrendous toxin. What classification do you figure nitrogen ought to be in- - manure, supplement, or poison? Would it be advisable for you to consider what amount of nitrogen can enable a plant to like with natural product size or yield? Or on the other hand would it be a good idea for you to weigh intensely on what amount of nitrogen can hurt a plant and for such an all-inclusive timeframe? There are numerous approaches to question both of these decisions possibly in support of however none of them are an ideal fit. Works Cited Craig Kallsen. Program143/Citrus Nitrogen Fertilizer.htm. Force, Sally A.; Green, Emma R.; Barker, Chris G.; Bell, J. Nigel B.; Ashmore, Mike R. Biological system recuperation: heathland reaction to a decrease in nitrogen statement. Global Change Biology 12

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Jean Anyon Social Class free essay sample

In this paper I will breaks down the different artistic strategies utilized in the exposition â€Å"Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work† by creator Jean Anyon as devices to convince her crowd of Professional Educators. In the 1980 article, Anyon inspects, through supreme research, how basic understudies of various financial status (SES) get varying instructions. Anyon certifies that entrance to equivalent instruction isn't effectively available to those of the lower regular workers. Moreover, Anyon bears witness to that understudies from higher SES foundations have a favorable position with regards to accepting sufficient training. Her fundamental contention is that that there is a shrouded educational plan in homework that shapes the fate of understudies influenced. Her paper gives exhaustive logos to help these convictions gave by an investigation of â€Å"pupil evaluation† of five primary schools situated in New Jersey. Inside Anyon’s article her tone was unequivocal and steady. Her utilization of word usage is an enhancement to the ethos and sentiment of the article. We will compose a custom article test on Jean Anyon Social Class or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Her sentence structure comprises of formal and solid language that offers validity to her, as the creator, and content. (Include proof, for example, sentence with formal words. See connection for clarification of formal language) Another convincing instrument utilized by Anyon is her utilization of measurements and outlines. These apparatuses add to the ethos of the article by giving altruism to the peruser and they additionally emphasize the logos by giving clear proof to the author’s contention. All through the article Anyon gives illustrative guides to help and qualify her contention. She initially clarifies the various kinds of schools that were separated of the examination. Two of the schools were named common laborers schools. In average workers schools the work was efficient, â€Å"involving repetition conduct and almost no dynamic or choice†. Likewise, understudies once in a while got a clarification on why certain work was given or its importance to other material. The third school was named a working class school. This school contrasted from the common laborers schools in that it offered a progressively straightforward educational plan and the adaptability to â€Å"some figuring, some decision, some dynamic. † To put it honestly: finding the correct solution got you a passing mark. Most classes pass by the book, which the instructors clarify, however don’t truly break down the material. There is little innovativeness engaged with the work, which is typically constrained to composed assignments, which makes school dull for the understudies. (Featured part should be summarizes) Anyon distinguishes the fourth school as a rich expert school.

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In Prison

In Prison At 12:20pm, on December 4, 2013, Wednesday,   I had absolutely no idea where I was. A group of women trudged past me. I looked around wonderingly, walking past a Dunkin Donuts stand and a row of subway fare machines. I stared at signs reading “Ashmont”, “Braintree”, “Red Line”. Are they here? I wondered to myself. I don’t know. Doesn’t seem like it. Of course, I went against my instincts and proceeded toward the signs. I would later find out I had headed in the wrong direction. An hour later, I would be in prison. At 12:25pm, Madison ’17 called me. “Where are you?” she asked. I mumbled something probably nonsensical about underground trains and missing signs. I was at the Alewife T-Station, which comprised a towering building, stacks of parking lots, and an extensive underground subway system, translating to a rife chance to get lost. And lost I was. It took a few extra minutes of talking to Madison on the phone, and backtracking out of the vicinity of the trains toward the parking lots, for salvation to arrive in form of Tally ’17, who spotted me from two floors above and waved. “I just saw Tally!” I told Madison excitedly. “I’m saved.” I ran up to Tally, and a short while later, I was standing by a timeworn car with my Ancient Greek Philosophy professor, Lee Perlman, and two of my classmates from concourse, Tally and Madison. “Well, that was traumatizing,” I said in relief. “Just glad we found you,” Lee replied as we all got into his car. He set his GPS for Framingham, MA, slightly over thirty minutes away from Alewife, and the little journey began. All four of us began talking, and as you’d imagine with MIT students sitting alongside their professor, a good deal of the discussion revolved around things we’d recently talked about in classâ€"Descartes’ ontological argument for the existence of God, the evolution of ideas as time bypassed the era of the Ancient Greeks and approached that of “the Moderns”. When we got to Framingham, we noticed a sign reading, “Beaver Street”. “This is where MIT should have been!” said Tally, amused. I agreed. A short while later, Lee parked his car in between two others. We all got out; the cold air lashed out, biting. We stared at barbed-wire fences and grim-looking towers. We headed towards the visitors entrance of the Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) Framingham, an all-female prison. One extensive security check later, Lee, Tally, Madison and I trailed after two women, past the first building we’d entered, into a courtyard of sorts. More barbed-wire fences spread around grassy slopes and brick structures. One of the women pointed at different buildings, explaining what they were. We passed through one that had originally been a female reformatory in the 1800s, usually punishing minor “offenses”, ranging from husband disrespect to scandalous dressing. We walked past a room in which several large and incredibly beautiful American Flags were being sown by inmates. Finally, we ended up in a small classroom, a rectangle of tables and chairs framing an expansive space. One of the walls, deeply red, bore the letters: Boston University. Turns out BU funds an educational program at MCI in which inmates get to take classes and ultimately earn a Boston University Bachelor of Arts degree for free. However, the purpose of the visit today wasn’t for a classâ€"although I ended up learning a lot, a valuable lot. It was for interaction, a chance for us to talk to some of the inmates, and for them to talk to us. We eventually got seated and about six inmates joined us. They were varied, in age, height, race and length of prison sentences. They were incredibly friendly. They were very willing to talk. Lee spoke for a little bit about the Greek Philosophy class, about tracing ideas through time, about how long he’d been teaching it. He also shared some amazing details about his high-school days, which I won’t mention for obvious reasons, except to say, MIT Professors absolutely rock! Then Tally, Madison and I also shared rather intimate details of our lives. By itself, that was a great bonding experience. Finally, we got the chance to hear the inmates speak. One of them spoke about how the BU program had helped her adapt to MCI. Paraphrasing her, “I got in here and everything was focused on me. There was absolutely no privacy, and it was a shock, moving from having a relatively quiet life, where my business was my business, to MCI, where the scrutiny is intense, 24-7. I was glad at the opportunity to take classes. I’d just pile on knowledge from the lectures; they’d keep me busy. They’d let me focus on other things. They’d help me move on. I completed the BU program two years ago, so I actually have a college degree. When I get out of here, I actually have a chance to restructure my life. It’s something I’m grateful for, something I try to pass on to the other inmates. I try to get them interested in the program.” The others had similar stories. The BU program was optional, but the alternative was an endless stretch of months filled in with nothing but the assigned institutional jobs and some interaction with others. One of them spoke about a woman who had expected to be in MCI for life. She’d taken about four BU classes through the program, but had ultimately decided to stop. Suddenly, something in her case had changed, a successful appeal perhaps, a granted parole. Either way, she was free, but regretted having not seized the chance to have obtained the degree. It would have made a world of difference for her upon release if she had. The prospect of education filled them up; it was dignifying and personally rewarding. That chance also gave them a strength to go on every day. From one of them: “I was a mess when I got here; I remember just bawling my eyes out during the trial. And then I got into this program and I felt more confident. Now, I just live in the moment. I don’t try to count down on anything; I just push through every day, knowing that when the next day comes, I’ll have the strength to do push through again.” Some of them spoke more extensively about their lives prior to incarceration, painting a very strong picture of the chances one got in life. Dealt cards that were rotten. An ideal line of path that was suddenly upturned by a mistake. They had taken responsibility for their actions, but they hadn’t let the fact that they were in a medium/maximum security facility bring them down. They had taken to learning, excitedly, progressively. They had taken to staying optimistic, thinking of the mistakes that had gotten them in, and of the ways they could make the best out of a difficult situation. “You can either let this place break you, or you can make a good life out of it.” We left a few hours later, after getting the chance to see an extensive collection of paintings by one of the inmates. I remember staring at those pictures, the intense blends of varying colors, their shades and shadows forming potent images that remained etched in my mind. The artistic talent was amazing. It was just amazing. “This is really powerful,” said Madison. We all agreed. As we headed out, towards Lee’s car, we talked about what we’d seen. Tally was struck by their positive will, their optimism. “Despite everything, something keeps them going,” she said. If there was ever any reflection of the adage that human spirits can stay strong in the face of darkness, that people can make personally uplifting opportunities out of absolutely anywhere and anything, it was reflected in those inspiring women. “But one thing…” Tally observed. “According to the women, there are about twenty inmates in the BU program, but the prison has about six hundred and fifty inmates.” Lee started his car. “Yeah, we actually met the most strong-willed, most positive ones,” he said. I wondered aloud what made the difference between them and the others. And of course, it was in the difference of the choices they had made. Choices. “This was amazing,” said Madison. I looked back at the buildings as we left, inspired. “Wow,” was all I could say. By the time I arrived at MIT, the sun had long set. I was still thinking of them.

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Gene Therapy Essay - 4691 Words

Gene Therapy Gene therapy is a powerful new technology that has the ability to change the way medicine is practiced in the future. The potential of gene therapy offers great hope for cure and alleviation of suffering from genetic disorders that now plague numerous people. Within this past decade, much research has been conducted to learn about the aspects of gene therapy, but there is still much to learn before it is an effective medical treatment. Despite failures to prove any clinical efficacy, many experts of gene therapy predict that the first clinical success will occur in the near future. Gene therapy is a highly controversial topic that entails numerous ethical issues that need to be thoroughly analyzed before it is widely†¦show more content†¦One type is called somatic gene therapy, which involves the manipulation of gene expression in cells that will be corrective to the patient but not inherited to the next generation. This is the type of gene therapy that is currently being in tensely studied in laboratories throughout the world. The other form of gene therapy is called germline gene therapy, which involves the genetic modification of germ cells that will pass the change on to the next generation. Little, if any, research is currently being conducted in germline intervention largely for technical and ethical reasons. However, many advocates of this type predict this will be a realistic option of gene therapy in the future. How does gene therapy work? When research on gene therapy began, the basic challenge was to develop a technique for delivering genetic material to the cells of the patient. Researchers first learned that gene delivery would not be effective unless the corrective genes were inserted into the nuclei of thousands or millions of diseases cells (Licking 96). When researchers simply injected the genes into the specific tissue where they were needed, no treatment occurred because the genes did reach the cells nuclei (Licking 96). Researchers learned that a therapeutic gene must be delivered by a gene-delivery system or vector in order to be inserted into the target cells of the patients body. Many of the vectorsShow MoreRelatedGene Therapy And Germline Therapy1612 Words   |  7 PagesGood afternoon Mr David and class. Today the topic of gene therapy will be discussed, so to begin, what is gene therapy? Basically, gene therapy is the modification of genes to alter a certain characteristic that ultimately can cure a genetic disease. There are two types of gene therapy: somatic gene therapy and germline gene therapy. Somatic gene therapy is when blood cells are extracted from a person and a normal gene is then inserted into the defective cell. This does not prevent the disease fromRead MoreHuman Gene Therapy771 Words   |  3 PagesHuman gene therapy is essentially using DNA as a treatment for various genetic diseases. Most commonly, new and functional DNA is put within a vector which is then inserted into the patient. Gene therapy not only treats the problem but treats the genetic issues with a person’s DNA. The genes help to correct or replace the genes that were functioning incorrectly. Gene therapy helps by stopping a protein from functioning incorrectly, giving a protein a different function, giving the protein its normalRead MoreThe Discovery Of Gene Therapy1694 Words   |  7 Pagesnew information about genes and protein synthesis quickly followed (NLM, 2014). This new knowledge about genes made scientists look at the biological processes in new ways (Nobel, 2014). One of the biggest breakthroughs was the development Gene Therapy. This paper will demonstrate how Gene Therapy is an important step in revolutionizing medicine and treating disease. It is believed that Gene Therapy holds the key to permanently curing disease. Gene Therapy Researchers haveRead MoreThe Controversies Of Gene Therapy1729 Words   |  7 PagesThe Controversies of Gene Therapy Demolishing genetic diseases from the human race has been and always will be a key role in science. However, there comes a point in time when moral standards have interjected the betterment of cleansing genetic diseases. One of the many branches of science that has the complete capability to exterminate our destiny of any genetic diseases, gene therapy, is being silenced due to the curse of society’s moral standards. There is a very narrow line in what is not morallyRead MoreA Study On Gene Therapy Essay1852 Words   |  8 PagesGene Therapy I first learned about gene therapy while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Over multiple episodes, Dr. Bailey is trying to cure a child’s lack of immunity with the use of gene therapy, and more specifically with the use of HIV as a gene transfer vector. To make the virus usable, Dr. Bailey disables the virus and uses it for a traveling mechanism. The parents were afraid that disabling the virus would fail, causing their child to be infected with the HIV virus, so they pulled theirRead MoreThe New Paradigm Gene Therapy965 Words   |  4 Pages Gene therapy, the experimental strategy that requires the use of genes to prevent and cure diseases is a fairly new technique, yet it is one which has shown steady advancements. The journal article â€Å"Gene therapy clinical trials worldwide to 2012—An update† sets out to present analysis and summaries of clinical trials that have been performed worldwide. Authors Samantha L. Ginn, Ian E. Alexander, Michael Ede lstein, Mohammad R. Abedi and Joanne Wixon dive into some of the 1843 gene therapy trialsRead MoreEssay on A Look at Gene Therapy1264 Words   |  6 PagesWould you consider altering your DNA if it could save your life? Scientist have been working on gene therapy since the 1970s, this biotechnological form of medicine is the attempt to medically modify cells to help eliminate or prevent diseases by correcting defective genes. Imagine the possibilities of having your DNA tested for heritable diseases and being able to eliminate such diseases from your future. From 1990-2003 the Department of Energy coordinated a project called the Human Genome ProjectRead MoreThe History Of Sytech And Gene Therapy1130 Words   |  5 PagesAll you need to know about Gene therapy Sytech- Curing the future The history of SyTech and Gene therapy Gene therapy was introduced in 1985 by SyTech and has been the main priority of the company ever since due to its promising future in science. One of the first human gene therapy procedures involved injecting the correct ADA gene to a four year old girl with the ADA deficiency. Due to the success of the procedure, the patient is now living a healthy life. The success marked an important landmarkRead MoreThe Therapeutic Potential of Gene Therapy1334 Words   |  6 PagesA novel therapeutic modality, gene therapy is the transfer of nucleic acids – DNA or RNA – into select somatic (body) cells to correct genetic defects or produce therapeutic proteins. It can be performed ex vivo (â€Å"out of the living†) or in vivo (â€Å"within the living†). In the ex vivo method, the target cells are removed from the patient, genetically modified, and reintroduced into the patients body. This approach is efficient but limited to easily accessible cells such as epithelia l cells (cells coveringRead MoreTechnology of Heart Gene Therapy657 Words   |  3 PagesAlthough the technology of heart gene therapy is at its initial stages and only medical trials have begun, some ethical questions and arguments are arising on its acceptability to be used for treating people. Heart gene therapy involves insertion of a foreign gene and this is argued to be against nature because our natural genetic makeup is altered from this treatment (Kelly, 2007). This has erupted discussions for and against this treatment. Some people argue that altering our genetic makeup, even

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Messages of George Orwells Animal Farm Essay - 1412 Words

Messages of George Orwells Animal Farm Though Animal Farm can be considered nothing more than a charming animal fable depicting a doomed rebellion, its origin is actually of a more serious and political nature. It is not only the tale of Napoleon and Animal Farm, but a satire and commentary on that of the Russian Revolution, Stalin and Communism. For a person to gain a true understanding of Orwells meaning in Animal Farm, it is best that he or she has an understanding of the political parties and history surrounding Communism, Stalin, and the upheaval and fear that followed Stalins rise to power. Orwell did not write Animal Farm simply as a bed time story for children, or for a work to be studied by students in their classes. As†¦show more content†¦Orwell uses all of this in Animal Farm. The different characters represent different people in his novel. Major, the old boar, represents Lenin and the Marxist ideals, whereas Napoleon and Snowball are the Stalin and Trotsky of the book. The other groups of non-Communists found their way into Orwells story by way of Pilkington and Frederick, the human neighbors to Animal Farm, whereas the paranoia that Stalin felt is shown in Napoleon by his use of the adult dogs he had raised from pups (a parallel to Stalins Secret Police) to kill any rebels after the putting on of animal show trials. This is shown in Animal Farm: The four pigs waited, trembling, with guilt written on every line of their countenances. Napoleon now called upon them to confess their crimes. They were the same four pigs as had protested when Napoleon abolished the Sunday Meetings. Without any further prompting they confessed that they had been secretly in touch with Snowball ever since his expulsion †¦ When they had finished their confession, the dogs promptly tore their throats out, and in a terrible voice Napoleon demanded whether any other animal had anything to confess. The three hens who had been the ringleaders in the attemptedShow MoreRelatedOrwells Comparing Animal Farm and The Russian System Of Communism971 Words   |  4 PagesOrwells Comparing Animal Farm and The Russian System Of Communism Animal Farm is a satire and prophecy of the Russian revolution, which was written by George Orwell in 1945. George Orwell was a political satirist who led a somewhat strange life. His original name was Eric Arthur Blair, which was later changed to his familiar pen name for its manly, English, country-sounding ring. He was a lonely boy and had many uncertain jobs until he finally became a writer, crossing Read MoreThe Works of George Orwell1347 Words   |  5 PagesGeorge Orwell How did George Orwell, an author who died over 50 years ago, suddenly rocket to the top of the best sellers list? George Orwell was able to show peoples all over the world about dangers that not only pertained to people of his time period but to multitudes of future generations. He used his literary knowledge to write books that were incredible influential in both their literary skill and the message they portrayed. George Orwell greatly influenced British society through his literaryRead MoreAnimal Farm Literary Analysis710 Words   |  3 PagesGeorge Orwell, a writer of many novels and other literature, one of his most known is Animal Farm.This book is where Orwell’s political style as well as other techniques he used in his writing were used most. Animal Farm is about farm animals who are being neglected by their owner, and they decides to overthrow him and take control of their farm. However, that is only the the outer layer of the story, looking under the surface, this is an allegory detailing the Russian Revolution. The author wroteRead MoreEducation In Animal Farm, By George Orwell1537 Words   |  7 Pagesoften use this gear to dominate and oppress society. In George Orwell’s story, Animal Farm, Orwell demonstrates that education is a powerful weapon and is a device that can be used to at least one’s benefit. Living in a world where strength is a straightforward to benefit, the pigs quick use education to govern the relaxation of the animals on the farm to serve themselves worked to their advantage. This story in shows the underlying message that   first, training is important to all tiers of societyRead MoreTheme of Fear in George Orwells Novels Essay1560 Words   |  7 PagesFear within the ignorant animals of Animal Farm and defeated humans of 1984 exist to uphold each novel’s totalitarian government. Each of these George Orwell novels delve into the power and manipulation of an absolute dictatorship. Napoleon in Ani mal Farm and Big Brother in 1984 both claim the newly established system of authority is of superior quality than the preceding regime. Apprehension is due to both fictional and realistic threats, twisted for the government’s power-hungry use. Feelings ofRead MoreThe Use of Distortion as a Literary Device in George Orwells Animal Farm580 Words   |  3 PagesAnimal Farm, by George Orwell, is an excellent example of distortion as a literary device. The story is set up as a fable using a third person objective viewpoint and personification of animals to represent historical figures and stereotypes. Distortion can also be found in much of the symbolism throughout the novel. Similar to a fable, Animal Farm makes use of personification. In the story, farm animals are used to represent different classes of people, from the average working man to governmentRead MoreEssay about Animal Farm: The World and the Words 1041 Words   |  5 Pages Animal Farm is a masterfully written cynical exploration into the abuse of power through language.c George Orwells book provides a theory of power structures, equality and the very nature of human character. As a short, ten-chaptered essay, this book has made its mark on the communist and authoritarian societies with the cutting morals and the phrase â€Å"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others† In the beginning, Mr. Jones is an antagonistic study into Czar Nicholas IIRead MoreAnalysis Of George Orwell And Animal Farm Essay2095 Words   |  9 PagesSharon Pittman HUM 314 13 December 2016 George Orwell and Animal Farm: The Provocative Written Word in Political Protest INTRODUCTION AND THESIS Many writers, artists, novelists, journalists, and the sort seek to bring awareness to political and cultural issues through their work. It is not often, though, that their work attains such critically acclaimed status and subsequently creates a platform by which people are moved to respond to the writing’s purpose. George Orwell, however, had a knack for thisRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1392 Words   |  6 Pages George Orwell Never Misuses Words In what was a vastly controversial novel published in 1945, George Orwell’s Animal Farm describes the horrific brand of communism in the Soviet Union and the conscious blindness that most of the West accepted at that time. Although Orwell labeled Animal Farm as a fairy tale, this historically parallel novel branches into the genres of political satire, fable, and allegory as well. What made Animal Farm so controversial among the â€Å"British socialists† and WesternRead MorePolitics And Language In Animal Farm, By George Orwell720 Words   |  3 PagesGeorge Orwell was a political writer who made it his life’s goal to expose the injustices he saw in the world. He does this through the many novels and essays he writes. Animal Farm, one of his better known pieces, depicts the hardships faced by a group of farm animals in an attempt to claim the farm that had been exploiting them for the entirety of their lives. His fable is written as an allegory to comment on the Russian Revolution and to warn his audience of the corruption that entails power;

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Critique and Analysis of Baumann’s Article Free Essays

Within this evaluation, a critical reflection will be made based on the causes of libations and to what extent the social effects of globalization provoke ‘moral outcry, based on Bandsman’s 2001 â€Å"Ann-Globs† article. From which, Bandsman’s key points will be analyses and critiqued. The term globalization applies to a set of processes that appear to transform our present social condition of conventional nationality into one of globosity and reliability (Stager, 2013). We will write a custom essay sample on Critique and Analysis of Baumann’s Article or any similar topic only for you Order Now Within the idea of reliability, the revolution in â€Å"consumer tastes and unabated construction of global electronic highways, all Increase the inter-dependence and Inter-connections of action economies across the globe† (Dole Lowe, 2005, p. 4). Guldens 1 990 agrees and goes on to state that globalization is the â€Å"Intensification of world wide social relations, which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa† (p. 64). These links can relate to the ideas of increased mobility (Robins, 2000) or flows (Beck, 2000) across national borders, of products, services, Information, communication, people and ideas (Parsons and Macmillan, 2009). Whilst Levity (1983) adds to this by claiming that due to these links. globalization Is characterized by the standardization of product or services across all markets, leaving some regions developing this standardization more rapidly than others, whilst also being the most cost effective mode of competing in these global markets. As these markets become more standardized, an increase in competitive pressure and the need to survive in the economy becomes much more apparent. Therefore it could be said that globalization is about shifting forms of unman contact, this affirmation thus implies three assertions: first, that we are slowly leaving behind the condition of modern nationality that gradually unfolded from the 18th century onwards; second, that we are moving towards the new condition of postmodern globosity; and, third, that we have not yet reached it. Globalization therefore suggests a notion of ‘development’ and ‘unfolding (Stager, 2013). Such unfolding may occur quickly or slowly, but it always corresponds to the idea of change, and therefore, denotes transformation. Globalization can also be thought of s the emergence of competitive yet worldwide Interconnectedness, by the ways of flow and exchange of capital, labor and technology throughout global borders. From this, drivers of globalization appear. Drivers such as the advances in technology, the removal of political and economic barriers and the free movement of capital allow global markets to progress. Therefore, allowing such markets to become more diverse. Consequently meaning that people now have greater access to capital, technology and have less restrictive political and economic barriers. For example, due information can be created because of the innovative use of resources that are used to endorse new products and ideas across borders, regardless of geographic location. How to cite Critique and Analysis of Baumann’s Article, Papers

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Fortescue Metal Group for Market Position - A Case Study

Question: Describe about the Fortescue Metal Group for Market Position. Answer: Introduction In this case study Fortescue Metal Group, an iron ore company and its position in the market is analyzed. The case study begins with the informational background of the company, its nature of business and its competitive analysis. The mission and vision statement of the company is developed considering its goals and values. the framework of the company is analyzed on the basis of five force model by Porter and what are the competitive factors for the company. Analysis of companys capabilities and resources is done to evaluate it strength and weakness. SWOT analysis of the company is done and potential threat remedies are suggested. Introduction of the company Fortescue Metal Group is amongst the largest iron ore producer in the world. The company focuses on extension of iron ore. It laid its foundation in the year 2003 in Western Australia. Since its inception it has invented and fabricated some of the colossal mines in the world. Chichester Hub and Solomon Hub are the main areas where the company operates its mining activities. The company is also associated with port supply chain and rail operations to assist in the progress and revenue generation from the left out iron ore bodies (Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMG.AX), 2016). Nature of Business Fortescue Metal Group is in Mining industry with net income generation in the year 2014, $2,740,000,000 (Fortescue appendix 4e financial year ended 30 June 2014, 2014). Competitive Position in the Market The group is the worlds fourth largest iron ore producer and contributes significantly in the total 15% of the global production generated from Australia. FMG only operates in Australia and has its contracts with Chinese steel mills. Its competitors Rio Tinto, Vale do Rio Doce (Vale) and BHP Billiton are domineers of the market. Rio and BHP also have their operations established outside Australia. Under the competition laws infrastructure of FMG has not been declared as open network and is also not subjected to government regulations unlike its competitors BHP and Rio, this provides them with an added cost advantage (Our Business, 2016). Mission Statement To deliver the premium value reliably to the shareholders, customers, employees and community in the mining industry by revolutionizing natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. To become the new force in iron ore. Vision Statement To utilize our mining expertise in attaining economic advantages by developing reserves and creating partnerships along with becoming a company that adds value to the global natural resources and values people, passion and the planet. Five Competitive Forces The Five forces model identifies and analyzes the forces that are faced in the business. It is a tool that assesses the strength and weakness of a business and affects its development strategies. Bargaining Power of Suppliers- The sources of raw material and inputs are extremely crucial for a business. Suppliers enjoy a full power if theres a monopoly because of the uniqueness of the product, but this puts business in a compromising position. The suppliers can over charge the company, set their own terms and conditions. Because of the less options the business losses its bargaining power. It is suggested for the business to look for alternate resources and inputs, so that they have the powers to function in their own hands and are not controlled by the suppliers (Hill Jones, 2009). In mining industry suppliers who provide information technology, labor, equipments and power supply are in more dominant position. Power supply being the most essential and there are only few suppliers in the mining areas so it does not give much bargaining power to the company. The company usually has long term contracts with the fuel and power suppliers. Skilled labor is also one such aspect where the bargaining power of the company is compromised because of lack of availability and complex miming process requires training which incurs cost. The supplier power in the industry is moderate because the market is competitive. Bargaining Power of buyers- The business has to analyze the power that the buyers possess. If there are few buyers, the company would be dictated the terms by the buyer because they are few in numbers and would drive the price. On the other hand if there are large buyers available to the company, then the position of the company becomes strong and they can control the price and movement of the product. It also analyses the cost it would incur to convert a potential customer to an actual one (Schermerhorn, 2010). Buyer power in the industry is moderate, but in aspect of FMG, since it caters to the Chinese market and due to weaker demand because of GFC, the bargaining power of the buyer is strengthened. The pricing practices have also changed because of weak demand (Dr Cutcher, 2016). Competitor Analysis- analyzing the competitors strength and weakness and most importantly their USP. If the competitors offers the exact product then there is very little power in the hands of the business in controlling the price, but if the product of the competitor is inferior than the business can use this to its advantage. In the former case, the buyers use the variety and price differentiation to their advantage (Arline, 2015). FMG mostly caters outside Australia, but its major competitors Rio and BHP are the dominant players of the domestic market. There is intense internal rivalry in the market which is reflected by struggle to increase the market share and profitability. The company tries to cut down its operational cost and maximize returns by undertaking large scale operations (Dr Cutcher, 2016). Substitution threat- understanding the key components that how can your product is substituted in the market. If the substitution product is easy to generate, then the power of the product of the company is weak, but if the ability to substitute the product is difficult, then it gives the company and additional power to play a dominant role in the market (Porters five force of Competitive Position Analysis, 2016). The demand for iron ore is dependent on volume of steel production. It is only affected in a positive or negative aspect because heavy steel construction requires iron ore and there is not a substantial substitute available. This reduces the threat of substitution for FMG. Threats of New Industry Entrants If a new entrant enters the market, if makes an impact on the position of the company. If the entrance barriers are not strong then this may be a difficult situation for the company, as it may see increasing competition. On the other hand if the barriers are stringent then the company may enjoy this leverage (Porters Five Forces: Assessing the Balance of Power in a Business Situation, 2016) Barriers to enter the market are high because of large capital requirements. To execute operations acquiring mines on lease or purchase involves hefty capital. FMG does not have a threat because firms with limited financial assets will not enter such market. Bargaining Power of Supplier, Bargaining Power of Buyers and Competitors Analysis are prominent force for FMG. The bargaining power of the suppliers is moderate because to operate the site, heavy power supply is required, in which FMG has limited options in the choice of supplier. Skilled labor and heavy equipments also pose a problem. Power of Buyers is high because FMG caters to Chinese market and due to global economic slowdown the market has not undertaken the heavy steel construction to an upscale level; this puts FMG in a compromising position to reduce the prices and continue to be in the market. Internal rivalry and competition with international market is also another force. There is intense competition in the mining industry and FMG has not even captured a major share of it. Its competitors are strong and big players and this pose a threat to FMG. The major Resources and Capabilities of FMG Capability in the mining industry largely depends on three factors- mines, port and railways. Mines- FMG operates on two sites Christmas Creek and Cloudbreak. Its third site is under exploration. The company forecasts that they have a target mining life of 20 years and could reach an annual production of 100 million tones with its major reserves being in the former two sites. The company has adopted a relatively new mining technique than its competitors, and also innovations in the machinery have helped them improve mining rates and increase production. Rail and Port- Significant development in these two have led FMG improve its performance. Loading 10 trains in a day at a rate of 12000 tons per hour at their cloudbreak mine has been a major development. Decision to open up the port facilities to third parties has been a historic decision made by the company. FMG is a strong player because it has the resources and capabilities to cater the market and become a dominant player in the domestic as well as international market. SWOT analysis for FMG Strengths of FMG lie in its developed infrastructure mines, rail and port. Strength of the company is the adoption of new mining technique and enhancement of machinery which helps them in improving their performance and caters to more demand. The company portrayed its character strength when they allowed its port Pilbara access to third parties. The integrated port and rail system improved FMGs ability to co-ordinate its distribution and supply more effectively and to develop a reliable and cost effective infrastructure. Weakness of the company is that the operations in Pilbara can be easily disrupted by the cyclone. The weather plays an important role in the operations and to reduce the risk the company has undertaken risk mitigation. Another weakness of the company is less bargaining power with the customer, due to GFC, the market has been in favor of the buyer, and they have power in controlling the prices. Opportunities for FMG lies in creating a space for itself in the domestic market like its rivals. To capture the dominated areas of BHP and Rio, FMG has to drive low cost at Solomon hub. FMG also has the potential opportunity to cater to the growing demands in the international market. Threats of the company are considerably changes in the market regulations and market drivers. Environmental changes also play a major role. Since this industry is largely dependent on technology, its advancement could pose as a potential threat. Companies working on low-profit margin can also pose problems (The rising threat of Substitution: mining metals, 2014). The prominent threat to FMG in the above analysis is technology. A company cannot constantly deal with technological advancements because it requires huge capital investments, to deal with this threat improving the business intelligence and planning strategies in advance could help minimize the impact of this. Investing in research and development is also another way through which this threat affect could be reduced. Another prominent threat is Environmental challenges, since one of its mining operations are in Pilbara, which is highly cyclone prone area, FMG management team has to focus on risk mitigation techniques to reduce the adverse conditions (Business risk facing mining and metals 2015-2016, 2016). Conclusion The mining industry shows traits of a monopolistic behavior but due to intense competition and rivalry it can be structured as oligopoly. Rio, BHP and FMG are key players of the market. FMG has improved operations and distribution techniques which give them an edge over its competitors, but it is yet to capture the major share of the domestic market like its rivals. FMG mostly caters to Chinese market and its plans to expand its customer base with all its technological advancements are in place. With its mine-rail and port infrastructure FMG aims to become the lowest cost producer of the iron ore in Pilbara. The company is relatively a new entrant when it is compared to the rivals, who are big market players. But the performance of the company in capturing the market on the international level and delivering to its commitments has proved that the company can fulfill its goal of becoming the low cost producer of iron ore in Pilbara. References Arline, K. (2015, February 18). Porter's Five Forces: Analyzing the Competition. Retrieved 8 September, 2016 from URL Business risk facing mining and metals 2015-2016. (2016) Retrieved 8 September, 2016 from$FILE/EY-business-risks-in-mining-and-metals-2015-2016.pdf Dr Cutcher, L. (2016). Fortescue Metal Group : the new force in iron ore. 8 September, 2016 from file:///C:/Users/Abasus%20Solutions/Downloads/935375_665220193_FMG%20(2).pdf Fortescue appendix 4e financial year ended 30 june 2014. (2014). Retrieved 8 September, 2016 from URL Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMG.AX). (2016). Retrieved 8 September, 2016 from URL Hill, C. Jones, G. (2009). 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